Celebrating 10 Years of Broadcasting Live: 2007 - 2017


Pricing and Subscriptions

No Subscription Required - All on-demand content is now available to view free-of-charge, no subscription required.

Live Audio Subscription - £20 per year - Live audio commentary of all Ladbrokes Championship, Betfred Cup and Irn Bru Cup matches.

Live Video Subscription - £12.99 per month or £119.99 per year - Live video of all home Ladbrokes Championship, Betfred Cup and Irn Bru Cup matches. Away matches are also broadcast subject to a suitable internet connection at the ground and that coverage can't be guaranteed. (***overseas subscribers only***)

Pay Per View - £7.99 per game - Access to live video coverage, available for home fixtures only (***overseas subscribers only***)

Live video is for overseas subscribers only.

Live Games

Why do I get a message saying I am not allowed to watch in the UK?

Live games are only allowed for viewers outside the UK and Ireland, this is clear on all our advertising and as such if you subscribe from the UK and can't watch the game we will not issue you a refund.

I can't see the link to watch the live game?

If you are a live video, premium or pay-per-view subscriber, then you should see the link, if it is not showing email [email protected] and we will fix it for you. If you are not a live video, premium or premium subscriber then please cancel you current subscription in paypal and then log back into this site and click "Subscribe" to subscribe.

My Account keeps getting charged

PPV customers - This wont happen. It's a one off payment.

All other customers - your paypal account will be charged either monthly or yearly until you cancel it. Please note when you cancel a subscription in paypal it cancels you in the site also, even if you have time left on it. All cancellations must be made on PayPal.com


If the you need any further support please email us on [email protected] or tweet us @FalkirkTV